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I pledge to never bully. I will tell an adult if I see someone being teased or hurt. I choose to Step Up Stop Bullying starting today!

Hi, My name is Kevin Kelly. I want to personally thank you for taking the initiative to stop bullying in your community. If you or someone you know has been affected by bullying then please feel free to share your story with me.

More Than 4,200 Kids Have Taken the Pledge

These Schools Have Taken the Pledge

Miss Selma’s Elementary (Little Rock)

CAC (Little Rock) 

Carl Stuart Middle School (Conway) 

Morrilton Intermediate School 

Life Skills for Youth (Little Rock)

Murrell Taylor Elementary (Jacksonville)

Crossroads Campus (Conway)

Watson Intermediate School (LR)

Booker Elementary (LR)

Landmark Elementary (LR)

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