Pools provide a relaxing escape on a hot summer day. However, they can also come with a greater risk of accidents and deaths. Pool supervision is crucial, since small children can be lured to a pool by toys left in the water. Alarms and latches can prevent access to the pool. Some additional tips for pool safety include proper storage and maintenance of chemicals. Familiarize yourself with the chemicals and their proper storage requirements. Keep chemicals separate and store them away from heat sources. As a pool owner or someone considering owning a pool, you should know or learn first aid and C-P-R and keep a well maintained first aid kit at poolside to be prepared for any possible accident. Although listening to music while enjoying a relaxing swim can be an additional pleasure, electronics and pools don't mix. Having electronic devices near pools increases the risk of electrocution. Remember to keep an eye on the weather as well. Avoid swimming during lightning storms. Keeping an eye on safety can make having a pool on a hot summer day an enjoyable pleasure.

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