Living Well: Long-Term Pain Therapy

CONWAY, Ark. - For people living with chronic pain, there are now more options to treat it, even when you may think there's nothing that will help.

There is still some pain for Louise Woodall but nothing like what she had on her first visit to the doctor.

"I didn't think I could make it. I had just about gone my last mile," she says.

Woodall has spent the last three years dealing with pain in her back, hip and left leg.

The pain gradually became worse over time.

"I thought I was beginning to live my last time," she adds.

Daily tasks like cooking became complicated for her, but her granddaughter insisted help was out there.

"Our approach is to do interventions, medications and maybe therapy as well to try and help reduce pain," said Dr. Daniel Judkins, an Interventional Pain Physician.

Dr. Judkins sees patients with all sorts of chronic pain at the "Baptist Health Comprehensive Spine and Pain Management Center" in Conway.

"The procedures are just small outpatient procedures that we use our x-ray machine for here and we target certain nerves throughout the body to help reduce your pain," he continues.

The procedures are done just about anywhere you hurt.

"With time, your chances of having persistent pain, increase," he says.

That's why Dr. Judkins recommends you don't wait.

The procedure is a combination of medication and injections to help alleviate the bulk of the pain, but it may not go away completely.

"But we can certainly take away a majority of the pain and make you feel better," Dr. Judkins says.

Nonetheless, it's a good start on the road to healing.

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