Living Well: Weight Loss Program at Baptist Health

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Greg Hill has tried just about every diet you can think of.

"All the meals that they said I could cook, were just things that I didn't eat," says Greg Hill. 

So when he heard about Baptist Health's weight loss program, he gave it a shot. 

First step, meeting with a dietitian to put together a plan. 

"The first 2 weeks were pretty tough," says Greg. 


"I was just so hungry, I missed everything that I wanted," says Greg. 

Registered Dietitian Lauren Widmer helps Greg replace meals with something similar, but healthier. And the food is found onsite. 

"This one here that's called Rocky Road, it reminds me of a Snicker's Bar," says Greg. 

These may look like typical breakfast bars, the only difference? Less carbs, more protein, leaving you less hungry throughout the day.

Instead of diet, Widmer hope people can look at their weight loss journey differently, to keep the pounds off for good. 

"Think about is this going to be a lifestyle change. Can I stick with this the rest of my life," says Widmer. 

Accountability, discipline, and portion control are huge when it comes to seeing progress. 

A common problem is people will throw in the towel after eating a bad meal. Widmer stresses to stay on track and look beyond the weight. 

"Think about the I feel better, I am eating healthier, I'm exercising, making those habits," says Widmer. 

All this will eventually impact the scale. 

"40 pounds in 2 months."

"How does it feel?"

"It feels great! I hit my first goal last week," says Greg. 

Little successes on the scale are motivating Greg to keep going. 

To learn more about the weight loss program click here

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