And then there were 4

And then there were 4

Only four Idol hopefuls remain.
Tuesday, the Idol finalists took on the music of one of the world's pop culture icons.

The top five performed the music of Frank Sinatra with none other than Harry Connick Junior as their mentor.

Aaron Kelly sang "My Way," but it didn't pay off. He was voted off the show. He will still get to go on tour this summer.

The idols did say that no other mentor has helped them quite the way Harry Connick Junior did.

"I mean, this was true menotorship. Where as, other mentors have come in. And it's like- you know, don't look at them before they are on camera. But he was like down in the trenches with us- you know, it was real. We had lunch, we joked around. He was really truly there," says Crystal Bowersox.

Whoever survives next week's elimination and makes it to the final three gets the big hometown visit.
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