Job Alert: Applied Technology Group

Job Alert: Applied Technology Group

Good people skills could earn you a position with a rapidly expanding North Little Rock technology firm.
"Just showing somebody this in a meeting, you can understand what's being built. It's not a 2D picture."

John Sayre, a civil applications engineer with Applied Technology Group, teaches customers in the architecture and civil engineering industries how to use software.

"This building right here, you can see right into the entrance and how it's going to looks when it's built."

“You have to have people skills. You need to be able to talk in front of crowds,” Sayre said. “Not necessarily crowds, but in front of a group. You need to be able to problem solve on the fly."

Now, Sayre needs other engineers to join him.

"I go into civil engineering companies, look at how their processes are being done with CAD software, with civil 3D," Sayre said.

"Bringing their staff up to speed on how the softwares run,” Sayre said. “Going through their workflow and process to make sure they're running things the most efficient way so they can make money."

Many licensed architects and engineers also join Applied Technology Group as strategic sales representatives.

But you do not need industry experience for the eight inside sales jobs now open.

The CEO says those are easier to fill than the field openings.

"Our strategic sales team and our application engineers, they are difficult to fill,” Scott Landers said. “We're looking for individuals that have the industry experience, and the combination of personality."

All skills Sayre uses to teach groups at the north little rock office.

For him, the best part comes when he helps companies across Arkansas and beyond succeed.

"I've seen them going from cows walking on the pasture to a built out site," Sayre said.

You can apply to join Sayre if you have your bachelor's degree in a related field and 5-8 years of experience.

Applied Technology Group field sales positions can pay up to $250,000 a year.

How to apply

For more information on how to apply at Applied Technology group, visit .

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