Job Alert: Zaxby’s

Job Alert: Zaxby’s

To become a Zaxby's general manager, you don't need experience working in a restaurant, but you do need to be an excellent role model.
"We are working managers. We don't get a lot of time to sit down."

Zaxby’s Director of Sales & Marketing Melissa Manley knows Zaxby's inside and out.

Now she's looking for two general managers.

"How early do you have to get here before the store opens?" FOX16’s
Kelly Dudzik asked.

"8:00 and we open at 10:30,” Manley said. “So, usually, we have a cook, we have a prep lady that comes in a cuts all our stuff. Then we have the General Manager that does a lot of paperwork."

While restaurant experience is helpful, it's not mandatory.

"We would love to have a local celebrity,” Manley said. “We are looking for somebody that has roots here in the Bryant community. Someone who can be a good mentor for young employees, and isn't afraid of getting involved with the community."

"It is a tough job,” Manley said. “There's gonna be a lot of hours in the beginning, you know, they're going to be trained the Zaxby's way."

"You have to schedule. You have to hire. You have inventory, and besides all that, you're still trying to build a team unity here."

You also must learn every job in the kitchen. That means memorizing how to make dozens of meals.

Zaxby’s employee Seth has salad making down to a science.

"Now, someone who's been doing this for a while and is an expert salad maker, how long should it take them?" Kelly asked.

Not long, according to Seth. 'It should take them somewhere between 30 and 45 seconds."

Manley says it's a good career move for managers from any industry with experience overseeing 20-30 employees.

"Number one on my list is to be a people person because if you have that skill, and that's an innate ability in you, if you love to work with people, all different kinds of people, the rest of it we can teach you," Manley said.

Zaxby's will put you through six weeks of in-house training. General managers start in the $30,000 dollar range.

How to apply

To apply at Zaxbys, contact Melissa Manley, Director of Sales and Marketing at 501-305-3918. You can email her at

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