All flood victims identified, clean up continues at Albert Pike

All flood victims identified, clean up continues at Albert Pike

Rescue crews wrapped up their search Tuesday of the Albert Pike Recreation Area. Crews from the U.S. Forestry Service and the U.S. Geological Survey will remain to clean up and asses the damage.
The last vehicle was pulled out of the Albert Pike campground Tuesday afternoon.

The campsite is quiet except for the work of the U.S. Forestry Service and the U.S. Geological Survey.

"We also have safety officers along with hazardous materials folks looking at identifying for example propane tanks that may have been left behind," Art Morrison with the U.S. Forestry Service.

Crews are also looking at damaged trees that need removal and roads, bridges, anything that needs repair.

The picturesque mountain in Ouachita National Forest is just one reminder of flash flooding danger.

Crews are fanned out Tuesday in woods along the Little Missouri River, farther than the forestry service will allow our cameras to go.

Art Morrison says the damage assessment should take a few days.

"And then they'll have to program out what they're going to do to make right what's gotten pretty badly messed up in here," Morrison says.

And no one knows when the Albert Pike Campground might reopen.

Identities of all 20 victims released

Anthony Smith, 30, Gloster, LA

Katelynn Smith, 2, Gloster, LA

Joey Smith, 5, Gloster, LA

Shane Basinger, 34, Shreveport, LA

Jadyn Basinger, 8, Shreveport, LA

Kinsley Basinger, 6, Shreveport, LA

Robert Lee Shumake, 68, Dekalb, TX

Wilene Shumake, 67, Dekalb, TX

Nic Shumake, 8, Dekalb, TX

Sheri Wade, 46, Ashdown, AR

Eric Schultz, 38, Nash, TX

Bruce Roeder, 51, Luling, LA

Kay Roeder, 69, Luling, LA

Debbie Roeder, 52, Luling, LA

Gayble Y. Moss, 7, Texarkana, TX

Kylee Sullivan, 6, Texarkana, TX

Leslie Jez, 23, Foreman, AR

Kaden Jez, 3, Foreman, AR

Debra McMaster, 43, Hope, AR

Julie Freeman, 53, Texarkana, TX

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