Consumer Alert: Save money on your phone bill

Consumer Alert: Save money on your phone bill

The sluggish economy is forcing one Little Rock company out of business. Ways to save money on your phone bills; Coworkers may not be telling the whole truth when using email.
Cosmopolitan Tours out of business
The sluggish economy is forcing one Little Rock company out of business.  After 23 years of doing business here in Little Rock Cosmopolitan Tours is closing its doors.  Thursday company officials sent out letters to customer’s information them that all of their trips for 2008 have been canceled.

We received a few emails from some of you who are obviously very concerned about this.  According to a letter by the owner Laura Wheeler the poor economy, high fuel costs, and hotels rates forced the company out of business.  We tried calling Wheeler but was unable to contact her.
However we did talk to a very close friend of hers who told me that wheeler does in fact have every intention of trying to refund whatever money is due to her customers when and if she can.

Saving on phone billsWith soaring food and fuel prices a lot of us are looking for ways to trim down our budgets.  According to you can save a few bucks by cutting back on your phone bills.  So here are a few ideas you might want to consider to help you save some money. 
  • Use toll-free services and calling cards for long distance calls.  Many traditional phone companies charge between 5 cents and 10 cents per minute plus a monthly fee of around five or ten dollars.Calling cards usually charge about 3 cents to 4 cents per minute.
  • Use a prepaid cell phone instead of a monthly plan.  Prepaid wireless carriers, such as Tracfone, offer no-contract options and predictable monthly phone bills.
  • Eliminate pricey extras like caller i.d. call waiting and call forwarding.
  • Try internet phone services.  Companies like Vonage, Skype and MagicJack use voice-over internet protocol, or voip, technology to offer potentially cheaper phone services.  One disadvantage of voip phone services is that users must have high speed internet and my have to download some computer software.  And if your internet goes out or electricity is interrupted your phone service goes out, too.

Workplace emails deceptive?
Your co-workers may be telling a few lies in their e-mails.  A pair of recent studies suggest that e-mail is the most deceptive form of workplace communication.  The study found people who lie actually feel its justified when using e-mail.  Researchers say co-workers don't communicate verbally or through pen-and-paper anymore-- making conversations less formal.  However, they did find the more familiar e-mailers are with each other the less deceptive their lies are.  The studies were conducted by Lehigh University, Rutgers, and DePaul University. 

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