Donna's Family Health: Pet Frogs Linked to Salmonella Outbreak

Donna's Family Health: Pet Frogs Linked to Salmonella Outbreak

If you have an African Dwarf Frog, doctors say you should wash your hands after handling it.
Do you or someone you know have a frog as a pet? If so, listen up.

The African Dwarf Frog has been linked to hundreds of cases of salmonella.

The frog is commonly kept as a pet because it's low maintenance and fun to watch.

The salmonella outbreak has been reported in 44 states. (Arkansas is NOT on the list).

This type of frog lives in the water, which can also be contaminated with salmonella if the frog is a carrier.

If you have one of these frogs, doctors advise you to wash your hands every time you have handled it.

In other health news, another reason to take an aspirin a day.

A new study shows it could reduce the risk of melanoma in women.

The largest study ever to explore new ways to prevent melanoma found that women who took regular doses of aspirin lowered their risk of getting melanoma by at least 20-percent.

Aspirin is an anti-inflammatory drug. Researchers believe inflammation plays a big role in cancer development.

Although the study results are promising, doctors aren't ready just yet to say an aspirin a day will keep melanomas away.

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