Everyday Economist: Filing Your Income Tax Return Online

Greg Hamilton with the Institute for Economic Advancement at UALR shares tips for using the Internet to do your taxes.
Tax time is upon us.

Americans have until April 15th to file their income tax returns.

Some will do it the old-fashioned way by regular mail, while others will turn to the Internet for an easier approach.

Greg Hamilton is the director and senior research economist with the Institute for Economic Advancement at UALR.

On Good Day this morning, he chatted with Greg Dee about filing your tax returns online.

Consumer Reports warns taxpayers to carefully check out the websites they use to file their taxes:
  • check what the site supports
  • make sure the site can handle your state taxes
  • check the site's price list
  • avoid pop-ups
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) offers Free File for certain households:
  • adjusted gross income of $57,000 or less
  • 15 online tax free providers at IRS Free File
If your household income is over $57,000, search for "tax preparation" to find your options with online services that charge a fee.

Some of them are:
Turbo Tax
H&R Block
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