Family Health: Caring For Your Feet

Family Health: Caring For Your Feet

Tips to keep winter feet soft and smooth for summer in this edition of Donna's Family Health
Are your feet ready for sandals?  Many of us have ignored our feet all winter. Dr. Joy Rowland is a podiatrist, and says dry, rough feet are common complaints by the time spring rolls around. 

"Dry skin is the biggest thing we see right now." says Rowland, "Cracked heels, fissures on the skin and of course the toenail issue." 

The winter air combined with dry heat indoors saps moisture from the skin and reeks havoc on your feet. 

To combat minor rough patches, Dr. Rowland suggests using a 'foot file'. 

They're usually on a long handle and they look like an emery board. Every day just lightly go over the area and then just go over with a good foot moisturizer.

Cracked heels can lead to infection. Dr. Rowland says if the cracks are deep, painful or bleeding you should see a podiatrist..

Otherwise - a good pedicure can work, but you shouldn't let anyone use anything that looks like a cheese grater on your feet.

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