Family Health: Diabetes Risk

Today's Family Health covers the risk of diabetes running in families as well as which parent's genes can influence aging the most.
Little Rock, AR --  Having a family member with diabetes significantly increases your risk for early signs of the disease.

Researchers in germany studied more than eight thousand adults and found those with a family history of diabetes had a twenty-five percent increased risk for pre-diabetes, which is the state between normal blood sugar and type two diabetes.

They also found the risk for pre-diabetes was highest among people who were not obese.
They say family history is a strong risk factor when not overshadowed by too much extra weight.

Genes you inherit from your mother could influence how you age.

A new study from Sweden and UH Case Medical Center finds when a mother passes on damaged DNA, you age more quickly.
They specifically looked at the power house portion of the cell called the mitochondria. This area is responsible for providing energy.

If this area of the mother's cell was damaged the aging process was accelerated in her babies. The study was done in mice.

Football season is here  and just as you prepare to cheer on your favorite team, there's a new study that shows there may be more to a win or a loss than any of us ever thought.

In fact , a loss for the team could mean a gain for you - a gain in weight.
The journal Psychological Science took a look at what happens to fans the day after an nfl game  and found that supporters of the winning team tended to eat healthier foods, while the losing team fans tended to eat more saturated fats and sugars.

Researchers think that when a team wins  it boosts fans self control. When they lose, people are more likely to eat because they feel an identity threat.
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