Family Health: Off To School Edition

Family Health: Off To School Edition

Tips on helping your children get into the school rhythm in Family Health.
Little Rock, AR --  It's almost time to go back to school and some kids may be more excited than others. 
Many kids have different types of anxieties about heading to school.  Younger children, for example, may be anxious about being away from mom and dad all day.. 

While older children may worry about homework, not seeing their friends or changing classes for the first time. 

Child psychologist Dr. Wendy Cunningham encourages parents to remain positive about the experience. saying" itss probably the biggest tip i give parents. Be sure you're managing your own anxiety about it because the kids really need us as the adults to be encouraging and show confidence that they can do it and it's going to be ok."

Doctor Cunningham suggests parents share similar experiences they may have had in school with their kids.

Pregnant women who get flu shots are at no greater risk for complications than those who don't get the vaccine. 

Researchers looked at data on more than 70-thousand women who got a flu shot while pregnant during any trimester. 

And compared them to three hundred thousand women of similar ages who were pregnant and had not received the vaccine. In the forty-two day period following the vaccination pregnant women who got the shot were no more likely to suffer with pregnancy complications such as severe morning sickness.

When followed through delivery these women were no more likely to suffer with conditions such as preeclampsia, blood clots or other vascular problems. 

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