Family Health: What's Making You So Grumpy?

Family Health: What's Making You So Grumpy?

Researchers think they've found a cause of morning grumpiness!
Little Rock, AR -  If you're waking up in a grumpy mood your night light could be to blame.

Researchers at Ohio State University studied hamsters to see how exposure to light over night affected their mood.

They found those exposed to white or blue light were most likely to experience depression.

Red light was almost the equivalent of total darkness , which was linked to the least amount of depression symptoms.

They say using red light for night-shift workers or in rooms like the bathroom could have a positive impact on mood.

Also, If you're pregnant don't expect to deliver on your due date. Only four percent of women do and a third don't meet their little one within ten days of the estimated due date.

Now a new study confirms healthy pregnancies vary  by as much as five weeks. Even when researchers know the exact day an embryo implants in the womb.

They also found hormones released in the earliest stages of pregnancy could indicate an early delivery - while older women tended to deliver later than average.
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