Feel Good Friday: Little Rock Woman Helping Teens

Feel Good Friday: Little Rock Woman Helping Teens

Louise Allison was forced into prostitution as a teen and wants to keep that from happening to other girls.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - After overcoming unimaginable horrors as a teenager, a Little Rock woman has dedicated her life to helping victims like herself, and she's makign a big impact

"This room, which joins with his room will be the day room and the dining room," explains Louise Allison as she walks the grounds of what will one day be the second campus of her thriving non-profit organization.

The stories she can tell are frightening.

"I was 14 years old when a very nice man picked me up, and that was the end of my life," she remembers.

Unspeakable horrors would follow for Allison. That "nice man" turned out to be a pimp who forced her into prostitution.

"During that time, I was bought, sold, drugged, raped and beaten," she says.

After being arrested at age 16, she escaped the streets, but it was decades before she could talk openly about her past.

"I felt like the Lord spoke to me and said now that you've come through that, it's time for you to give back," says Allison.

Two years ago Allison started a non-profit she called PATH. It stands for Partners Against Trafficking Humans. PATH takes in victims of sex abuse and helps them rebuild their lives.

"They're not just talking to someone who says 'Oh, that must have been hard for you.' They're talking to someone who says, 'I know how hard it was,'" Allison explains.

An example of the impact she's made can be found in an anonymous letter in PATH's June newsletter. It was written by a former drug addict and prostitute who went through the PATH program.

"I finally stopped repeating the past and slowly began to learn a whole new way to look at things," she writes. "Thank you PATH for not giving up on me and being such an important part of my recovery journey."

"Wow, it's just a huge blessing to me. I'm thankful for the opportunity to be able to spend this time with them," says Allison, who says that a troubled past doesn't always mean a troubled future.

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