Jamileh Kamran School of Fashion Design

Jamileh Kamran School of Fashion Design

Arkansas fashion icon discusses the design school in Little Rock that bears her name.
Arkansans who want to become fashion designers no longer have to pack their bags for New York, Dallas or Chicago.

The Jamileh Kamran School of Fashion Design in Little Rock has been offering design students the courses they need since 2007.

The school promises students can learn the art of fashion design and construction from the celebrated couture designer for whom the school is named.

Kamran once outfitted former Arkansas First Lady and later U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Her school's Fashion Study program offers 8 courses that will take the student through all aspects of planning and creating fashions. Each course lasts 8 weeks with students attending class once a week for 4 hours. Upon completion of the 8 courses, graduates will receive a diploma and be able to create their own lines, open their own businesses, or work for other designers.

Jamileh Kamran chats with Good Day's Deedra Wilson about what the school has to offer.
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