Marking Foster Care Month in Arkansas

Ribbons decorate a Little Rock bridge as part of the festivities.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - Ribbons go up on Little Rock's Junction Bridge today to represent children in foster care and the need for more parents.

The Arkansas Department of Human Services Division of Children and Family Services (DCFS) will tie 4,000 colorful ribbons along the railings of the bridge to represent the number of children in Arkansas foster care on a daily basis.

The ribbons  will be different colors to represent the diversity of children in care. These children are all ages, ethnicities, from different socioeconomic backgrounds and come into care for a variety of reasons.

The ribbons will remain on the bridge for the rest of May, which is observed every year as National Foster Care Month. The ribbons are meant not only to honor the children in foster care, but also to serve as a reminder for the need for more foster parents in Arkansas.
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