Music Monday with Epiphany & Tomorrow, Maybe.

Music Monday with Epiphany & Tomorrow, Maybe.

Here to kick off this week's Music Monday is Epiphany Morrow and Tomorrow, Maybe. But he's doing more than making music -- he's giving back globally and taking teens from Little Rock to places like The Gambia to give them a taste of the world through the Global Kids program.

 Pine Bluff born, and Stanford University educated musician, Epiphany Morrow is doing more than making music, he's giving back. Morrow is fundraising for a program called Global Kids, that takes teenagers from urban cities in the U.S. and take them overseas for hands on learning. 

Morrow is also fundraising for the program. If you would like to learn more or donate, click the link below:

If you're interested in Tomorrow, Maybe, here's their band breakdown:
Epiphany (lead vocalist)
Bijoux (vocalist)
Dee Dee (vocalist)
Lucas "Cool Hand Luke" Murray (guitar)
Paul Campbell (percussion)
Corey Harris (bass)
Derrick (keys)

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