NLR Elementary School Starts Bullying Patrol

NLR Elementary School Starts Bullying Patrol

Members wear orange vests, use walkie talkies to look for bullying during recess.
NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR - Students at a North Little Rock elementary school have come up with a way to wipe out bullying.

Student council members at Indian Hills Elementary call it "Bulldozing Bullying."

At recess, members wear orange vests and carry walkie talkies while they look for bullying while playing.

When the bully patrollers see or hear anything out of line, they radio it in to their principal.

"The playground is more of an open spance and there are only so many lunch aides out there. They can't see everything, so they think they can get off without anyone seeing them," Kabrion Ervin said.

The program started nearly a month ago, and the principal says bullying is just about non-existent.

Plans are already in the works to expand it next year.
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