Rants & Raves: Drug Tests for People on Unemployment

Fox 16's Kevin Kelly shares viewer opinion on this topic.
Arkansas lawmakers are still busy at the State Capitol tackling a number of issues.

Among them is Senate Bill 38, a proposal that would subject those who are unemployed to random drug tests. If they pass the drug test, they get their check, if they fail, they get no money.

The bill passed on Monday, without debate.

The bill's sponsor, Senator Jeremy Hutchinson said at one point, "It may not be a widespread problem, but I don't think there's any doubt there are people on unemployment who continue to use drugs."

On the flip side, a spokesperson at the Center for Law and Social Policy claims that schemes to drug test the poor and jobless are part of an effort to stigmatize low income people.

Fox 16's Kevin Kelly shares viewer opinion on this topic in his latest Rants and Raves report.
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