Rants and Raves: Ronald McDonald

Rants and Raves: Ronald McDonald

Should Ronald McDonald retire?

Ronald Mcdonald has been around for years along with his bright yellow outfit, the red hair, and the red shoes. He is one big happy clown that never grows old.

But some activists worry that the fast food chain mascot encourages kids to consume unhealthy food.

As a result, they're asking Ronald to hang up his clown shoes and retire.

CEO Don Thompson fired back saying, "Ronald is not a bad guy, he's about fun. He's a clown and i'd urge you all to let your kids have fun too."

Simply put Ronald ain't going to retire anytime soon.

But the debate did spark a lot of Rants and Raves on our Facebook page.

In today's Rants and Raves, Fox 16's Kevin Kelly shares viewer opinion on whether Ronald McDonald should retire.

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