Rants and Raves: Texas Teacher's Classroom Antic

Rants and Raves: Texas Teacher's Classroom Antic

Pours pencil shavings into the mouth of a sleeping student.
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A Texas teacher is back at school after being suspended for pouring pencil shavings into a student's mouth.

Here's the deal. The student was sound asleep, head tilted back, mouth wide open, while in class.

The teacher walks by and pours in the pencil shavings.

The student's mom wants the teacher fired, but the school district decided only on suspension for the teacher.

Fox 16 viewers are lighting up the boards on this one.

Here's what some of you are saying:
  • Lakeisha is shocked, saying: "what tha? She needs to be fired!"
  • Victory agrees: "Nothing a child can say or do justifies pouring pencil shavings in their mouth. I agree that parents need to step it up, but this is outrageous."
  • Miz: "Ever have a strict old nun "make a point"?? Parents and their offspring need an awakening. Go teacher."
  • Dustin is actually in the teacher's corner on this one, saying: "He will be less likely to fall asleep in another classroom, but with wake up calls like that, the kids grades will be improving! Go teacher."
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