Stretching your Dollar: Back to School Savings

Two recommendations: make your list before going to the store and leave the kids at home.
It's not too early to start planning your back to school shopping strategy.

Dr. Mary Ann Campbell with the University of Central Arkansas shares her "Money Magic" tips.

The Arkansas no sales tax weekend is August 3-4 (click here for more information). State and local sales tax will not be collected during this 48-hour period on the sale of:
  • Clothing and footwear if the sales price is less than one hundred dollars ($100) per item
  • Clothing accessories and equipment if the sales price is less than fifty dollars ($50) per item
  • School supplies
  • School art supplies
  • School instructional materials
Dr. Campbell recommends to make the most of your shopping budget that you:
  • List and prioritize
  • Shop sales
  • Shop online
  • Leave kids at home
When buying clothes, she recommends that you budget with each child, make a list of what they really need, and consider some of their choices. Thrift stores might also offer you the chance to really stretch your dollars.

With food, packing lunches is a big saver, and don't forget to use coupons when possible.
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