Talk Business: Intriguing Bills of the 2013 Arkansas Legislature

Roby Brock shares details on some of the more unusual bills being filed in the session.
During the 2013 session of the Arkansas Legislature, state lawmakers are considering more than 15-hundred bills and they still have time to file a few more.

Roby Brock with Talk Business tells Good Day's Deedra Wilson about some of the ones not getting a lot of attention that are a little unusual.

They include:
  • The Tennis License Plate Bill (SB 784) - Arkansas Tennis Association license plates. $35; $25 goes to the association, $10 to the state
  • The Monkey Bill (HB 1391) - This was tried in a previous session. It outlines who can and can't possess a primate, a member of the monkey species. Zoos, the circus, and wildlife sanctuaries are ok, as are folks who already have a monkey for a pet. But health concerns - such as rabies - is a reason this bill is being discussed.
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