Ask the Doc: Eating Disorders

Ask the Doc: Eating Disorders

A look at anorexia, bulimia and binging.
Eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia and binging are on the rise among children and teens.

Dr. Maria Portilla with Arkansas Children's Hospital talks about the warning signs and symptoms, when to get help and shares some advice for parents.

Warning signs include: obvious weight loss, extreme concern over appearance, skipping meals and avoiding foods they once enjoyed.

Symptoms include: fatigue, feeling very cold, hair loss, constipation

When to seek help: unmonitored weight loss or dieting, missed menstrual periods, fainting

Advice for parents: serve as role models by eating a balanced diet, have family meals together, encourage healthy (not extreme) exercise, support healthy boundaries, avoid excessive focus on body issues, dieting or exercise.
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