Donna's Family Health: Flu Shot Failure

Donna's Family Health: Flu Shot Failure

A look at how the vaccine didn't work for many older people, plus a breast cancer breakthrough.
You've been hearing a lot of talk about the flu virus.

Seniors were one of the main groups urged to get a flu shot this season.

As it turns out, for many of them, the vaccine didn't work.

The Centers for Disease Control says the vaccine helped just 9-percent of people aged 65 and older.

For those under 65, the vaccine was about 56-percent effective.

Researchers say they're not sure why the vaccine didn't do much to help older people but they still suggest you get the vaccine anyway.

Also, today, a breast cancer breakthrough to report.

In the next few days, a new drug is expected to hit the market.

This one is for women diagnosed with HER2 positive breast cancer and in the late stages of the disease.

The drug is called Kadcyla.

it's a combination of two drugs, one of which is a powerful chemotherapy drug.

Kadcyla just received Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approval.

Do you know a breast cancer warrior? Now is the time to nominate that person for the annual Josetta Wilkins Award recognizing breast cancer activists who go above and beyond the call of duty.

Click here for the online form to nominate your breast cancer warrior.
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