Donna's Family Health: Study Finds Significant Injuries in Brain Scans

MRI's revealed bleeding in the brain in nearly half of the participants, while a more detailed scan exposed even more damage.
A new study finds scanning the brain for even a mild concussion could expose a deeper and more significant injury.

University of Maryland researchers studied the brain images of 256 people.

They found MRI's revealed bleeding in the brain in nearly half of them, but a more detailed scan exposed even more damage. Microscopic lesions and other damage were found.

Researchers say imaging soon after even a mild traumatic brain injury or mild concussions could tip them off to a more serious, underlying brain injury.
"A study like this helps us decide where we need to go next when looking at concussions. We need to have a better understanding of what functional deficits result from either big-time head injuries or even the subtle repetitive head injuries and we need to continue to evolve our technology to detect those subtle changes in the brain," says one researcher.

Complete findings for this study will be presented at the American Academy of Neurology's annual meeting.

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