Hand Problems, Healthy Holiday Traveling

Hand Problems, Healthy Holiday Traveling

Going out of town this holiday season?

Hand Problems

We do a lot with our hands.

So when we start losing the use of them, it becomes noticeable quickly.

When Denny Holt began to feel pain and stiffness in his fingers, he knew it wasn't good.

As years passed his fingers began to curl.

Holt was diagnosed with Dupuytrens Contracture, a condition that affects the connective tissue, or fascia that lies beneath the skin in the palm of the hand.

A hard, collagen-like substance or cord builds up, creating little bumps and ridges that tightens the tissue.

This pulls the fingers to permanently bend.

At one time surgery was the only option. But patients say rehab is long and painful.

Now, doctors are using a substance that breaks down the cord.

Injected into the tissue, the substance dissolves the bumps quickly and a patient can see results overnight.

Denny Holt has had both treatments. He prefers the injections. And because the disease is genetic, he's happy knowing, if his children develop the condition, the injections will be available.

Healthy Traveling

Going out of town this holiday season?

Well, having some supplies on hand can keep you healthy and safe while on vacation.

Experts say always have a small first aid kit, even if you are flying.

If you have a pre-existing condition and are under frequent care -- let your doctor know where you going.

And of course, if you are on medications, always take extra.

Lastly, make sure to eat right, stock up on natural vitamin c.
And eat lots of fruit.

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