Obesity Rates, Apple Slices and Listeria, AUVI-Q Approved

A new government survey shows 12 states including Arkansas now have very high obesity rates,

Obesity Rates

A new government survey shows 12 states including Arkansas now have very high obesity rates.

Here in the natural state at least 30% of adults are obese.

The latest figures are based on a 2011 telephone survey that asked adults their height and weight.

For the first time, households with only cell phones were included.

Colorado was lowest, at just under 21%, and Mississippi was highest at nearly 36%.

Apple Slices and Listeria

Some sliced apples sold at McDonald's and Burger King are part of a nearly nationwide recall.

The sliced apples may have been contaminated with Listeria before being shipped all over the country.

A subsidiary of ready pac has recalled nearly 300,000 cases, and 300,000 individually packaged items sent to 36 states, including Arkansas.

Listeria can cause potentially serious or life-threatening illness accompanied by fever, nausea, or diarrhea.

AUVI-Q Approved

The FDA has approved a new device to help people who have a history of serious or life-threatening allergic reactions known as anaphylaxis.

AUVI-Q is the only compact epinephrine auto-injector with audio and visual cues to guide people through the injection process.

The instructions will help people make sure the epinephrine is delivered properly.

The most common side effects may include an increase in heart rate, sweating, difficulty breathing, paleness or weakness.

These side effects go away quickly especially if you rest.

Talk to your doctor about AUVI-Q.

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