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New research links grilled meats to cancer-causing components.
Little Rock, AR -- Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer and the *official* start of grilling season.
But be careful how you cook it your meat, because charred, grilled meats could be connected to cancer-causing substances. 

Safely Grilling Meats

A study published in the Journal of Food Science found marinated steaks had a significant reduction in the cancer-causing compounds after grilling,  and researchers discovered a compound found in oregano may have a similar effect on ground beef. 

One dietitian says make sure to not char your meat because that's when the cancer-causing chemicals develop. 

Amy Jamieson-Petonic says: "pre-cook your meats a little bit before you put them on the grill because they spend less time on the grill and less time forming those cancer-forming components."

Jamieson-Petonic says ground turkey doesn't pose quite the risk red meat does, but you still should avoid charring it.

Allergy Season Peaking

Don't let a runny nose and itchy eyes mess up your Memorial Day.  Grass allergy season usually peaks around this time.

Doctors suggest sleeping with the windows closed and the air conditioner on - since certain pollens peak first thing in the morning.

For allergy relief, doctors also recommends a combination of staying indoors in air conditioning and, taking an over-the-counter antihistamine. 
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