Arkansas Attorney General Rejects Ballot Title of Medical Marijuana Initiative

Leaders with Arkansans for Medical Cannabis plan to resubmit their proposal.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - The Arkansas Attorney General has rejected the ballot title of a medical marijuana initiative submitted by the group Arkansans for Medical Cannabis.

Dustin McDaniel's office cites the reason as "ambiguities in the text of the measure." Click here to read his full opinion.

After learning of the AG's decision Monday afternoon, Arkansans for Medical Cannabis posted on its Facebook page that a resubmission would be coming.

Arkansans for Medical Cannabis is a citizen group for the passage of "Cannabis" laws in Arkansas. The group says its mission is to educate the public on the benefits of cannabis with the goal of seeing that the citizens of Arkansas "regain their right as defined by the Constitution to decide for themselves what an appropriate method of medication is without government intervention."

Click here for the group's website.

The group has been trying for three years to change the laws in Arkansas.
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