Arkansas Storm Team Prepared to Track Severe Storms

Arkansas Storm Team Prepared to Track Severe Storms

Our team of six meteorologists is on standby for possible severe weather.
Left to right: Steve Adamson, Pat Walker, Keith Monahan, Jeff Baskin, Greg Dee, and Natalie Walters.
Left to right: Steve Adamson, Pat Walker, Keith Monahan, Jeff Baskin, Greg Dee, and Natalie Walters.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - The Arkansas Storm Team is on standby for possible severe weather in parts of Arkansas this afternoon and into Tuesday.

The National Weather Service (NWS) in Little Rock says showers and thunderstorms will be possible this afternoon into the overnight hours as a storm system to the west slowly moves east towards Arkansas.

Arkansas Storm Team Meteorologist Greg Dee says thunderstorms will develop late this afternoon in Oklahoma and move east-northeast. They will be severe. As they approach Arkansas, there may be some weakening as the individual supercells combine into a complex of storms. The conditions will be favorable, generally north of I-40 and west of Highway 65 for an enhanced risk for damaging winds and tornades.

The storms will continue to move southeast and could arrive in central Arkansas between 11 o'clock tonight and one o'clock Tuesday morning. They would weaken some by then, bringing with them mostly a threat for wind. Another round of storms is likely Tuesday. The conditions for tornadoes on Tuesday are MUCH lower, however, so the main threats will be wind and hail.

The Arkansas Storm Team says it's important that Arkansans west-northwest of Little Rock prepare for these storms. Arkansas sees half the number of tornadoes compared to states to our west but we see double the fatalities. This is mostly in part to the fact that much of our severe weather happens at night when storms are difficult to spot and people are asleep.

Arkansans need to be sure their weather radios are working properly and that they have a fresh battery installed so that the radio may continue to function even in a loss of power.

Fox16 and KARK 4 announced the forming of the Arkansas Storm Team last month. The new partnership expands and enhances both station's coverage of severe weather.

Led by KARK Chief Meteorologist Keith Monahan and Fox16 Chief Meteorologist Jeff Baskin, the other four meteorologists on the team are Greg Dee, Pat Walker, Natalie Walters, and Steve Adamson.

The Arkansas Storm Team will be here watching the storms carefully during the overnight. Monahan, Baskin, Walker, Walters, and Adamson will all be working to keep viewers safe. In the event lives are at risk, the Arkansas Storm Team will be deployed and provide storm tracking on both KARK and Fox16 simultaneously.

With this many eyes on the storm systems, you can count on the Arkansas Storm Team to keep you and your family safe.

Along with sister stations in Fayetteville, Texarkana, and Memphis, the Arkansas Storm Team boasts the most experience, along with an ability to deliver live coverage from every corner of the state.
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