Big Names Grace Walmart Meeting

Big Names Grace Walmart Meeting

Shareholders hear from stars of music and movies .

FAYETTEVILLE, AR. - Shareholders' week in Northwest Arkansas is officially over, but it ended with a bang.

Hugh Jackman emceed the event, but he wasn't the only star of the event.

John Legend joined the ranks of stars at the event. He serenaded the crowd with a few songs. Mister Risky Business, Tom Cruise, inspired folks to start "Empowering Women Together."

Kelly Clarkson belted it out with her top hits. There was some business to get down too, as well. First, some employees spoke out and asked for better wages and more hours.

While some called for change, others applauded Walmart's growth.

"We are closing in on one half of a trillion dollars. Not bad for a little company that started in Bentonville, Arkansas," said Charles Holley, Walmart CFO.

The world's largest retailer pulled in just over $466 billion dollars. Another announcement? Walmart hopes to hire 100,000 in the next five years. The crowd heard from one of those veterans, and gave the now Walmart manager a standing ovation. Then, the audience was on its feet again for the finale. A performance by Jennifer Hudson.
The question now? Who will be the big name for next year?

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