Dog Survives Three Shots to the Head

Dog Survives Three Shots to the Head

Rottweiler found in Sherwood is healing at local animal clinic and will be put up for adoption.
SHERWOOD, AR - She may look like an intimidating dog, but "Treasure" is the farthest thing from a threat.

"When I met her, I fell in love. She's the sweetest thing," says Missy Spurling, who helped rescue the Rottweiler after she was found with three gunshot wounds to her head.

They believe the dog's sweet disposition was the reason she was targeted.

"They just knew she is a sweet dog and lured her into an unprotected place to do whatever they wanted to her," she says.

But luckily, a Good Samaritan stopped the attack and brought her to the North Hills Animal Clinic and to her new adopted mom.

"They told me about what happened to this dog and I had to get involved,"  Spurling says.

"We got her on good pain meds and an IV, " says veterinarian Dr. Blair Willman-Hauk.

The vet says the bullet wounds are healing nicely and somehow the dog's skull managed to withstand the gunshots.

"There's no broken bones in her skull or jaw," she says. "Miracles happen."

But instead of "Miracle" they went with the name "Treasure," because she's brought everyone at the clinic so much joy.

"Treasure" is now up for adoption. If you're interested you can contact the clinic at (501) 955-0911.

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