Mark Darr Running for Arkansas 4th District Congressional Seat

Mark Darr Running for Arkansas 4th District Congressional Seat

Announces campaign at rally outside his hometown of Mansfield.
MANSFIELD, AR (News Release) - Lt. Governor Mark Darr officially joined the race for United States Congress Monday evening. Darr will be running in the fourth congressional district, a seat that will be open as incumbent Congressman Tom Cotton runs for United States Senate.

At a rally outside of his hometown of Mansfield, Darr said his priorities would be working to end congressional gridlock, bringing more transparency to the political process, and putting an end to out of control federal spending.

Darr called the recent revelations of the IRS targeting people opposed to the President and the possible National Security spying on Americans a “disgrace and total abuse of power by President Obama.”

“Congress seems set on petty bickering rather than addressing unemployment and tax reform” said Darr. “It’s time for new leadership. It’s time to put Arkansans back to work.”

“Tonight we start a campaign to change Washington,” said Darr. “The establishment that is D.C. has forgotten about people like us. They have forgotten what normal looks like. Together we will change that. If you elect me to Congress, I will not forget my roots or the struggles facing Arkansans every day.”

Darr reminded the audience he was the only state elected official to challenge Obamacare. He said he will work to repeal what he called “the train wreck of a law that will not only indebt our grand kids, but will end healthcare in America as we know it.”

“We brought Open Checkbook and more transparency to our state government. We went around the political establishment and signed a law protecting Second Amendment supporters,” continued Darr. “We have been successful and now it’s time to take our conservative values and winning team to Washington.”

Darr’s family joined him on stage, with his children leading the Pledge of Allegiance and his wife Kim standing by his side during his speech. The family plans to hit the campaign trail immediately with stops around the district.
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