Mothers of Inmates Who Died in Custody Form Group for Answers

Mothers of Inmates Who Died in Custody Form Group for Answers

The mothers of inmates who died earlier this year in Arkansas Department of Correction custody still want answers about these deaths.
Family members of prison inmates who died suddenly earlier this year form a grassroots group to try and get answers.

The group is called 'Mothers Against Prison Abuse' (MAPA) and was founded by Debra Porchia. Her 24-year-old son collapsed whil playing basketball at the Ouachita River Unit in Malvern. He died in late February, and Porchia said she still has no autopsy report and no death certificate.

The families of Roy Parham and Jerry McGee, both inmates who died suddenly inside the Tucker Unit, are also waiting for answers.

All of these inmates, their families said, were known to be health without any medical issues.

The group has begun distributing fliers throughout the state, reaching out to others.

"We really want answers. We want to know what happened," Porchia said. "Our kids have been dead over a month. We still don't have death certificates, autopsies, nothing. We should not be burying our sons, and we should be able to know what happened to our kids. "

If you want more information or would like to join the group, call Porchia at 870-807-2759.

According to the Arkansas Department of Correction, all of these inmates appeared to have died from natural causes. The autopsies from the State Medical Examiner's Office are still pending.
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