Police with a Purpose: Springdale Officers Surprise Local Boy

Officers spend a "Day with Daton."
SPRINGDALE, AR - When they're not patrolling the streets, Springdale Police officers are also doing other good work.

On the police department's Facebook page this week, officers posted a picture of a local boy they surprised with a tour of the police station.

Police say they received a Facebook message from a mother who wanted to do something special for her son. She asked if Springdale Police ever gave one-on-one time with special needs kids.

According to the page, the mother's 2-and-a half-year-old son Daton loves emergency vehicles, especially police cars. She thought giving him a first-hand look would make his day.

The officers ended up spending a "Day with Daton," letting him meet officers and check out the patrol cars.

The Facebook post about Daton's visit ended with "Any kid who chooses a police car over a fire truck is a friend of ours!."
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