Rogers Man Arrested in Deaths of His Two Baby Sons

Rogers Man Arrested in Deaths of His Two Baby Sons

Travis Fox, 24, is accused of killing his seven-month-old in 2011 and his six-month-old this week.
FAYETTEVILLE, AR - A Rogers man is behind bars on charges that he killed his two baby sons.

Travis Fox, 24, of Rogers, faces a charge of first degree murder from Springdale Police for the 2011 death of his 7-month-old son and another from the Washington County Sheriff's Office and the West Fork Police Department for the death of his six-month-old son on Wednesday.

According to an arrest report, Washington County Deputy Coroner Randall Galloway was called Wednesday afternoon to investigate the boy's death in Springdale.

Galloway reportedly recognized the father of the child as the same father in the 2011 suspicious death of a six-month-old baby in West Fork in which the child had died in a similar manner.

The report states that Fox acted out the events for police that led to Wednesday's death of the six-month-old boy, admitting to briefly shaking the boy because he was "fussing." Fox added that he had consumed five beers earlier in the day and admitted to being intoxicated, police said.

The report states that Fox told police he was angry and tired because he had been not gotten any sleep.

Police say Fox also admitted to being intoxicated on tequila at the time and said he needed help with his anger.

Fox has been booked into the Washington County Jail. He's scheduled to appear in court Monday morning.

Reported by: KNWA-TV, Fayetteville
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