State Legal Action in Mayflower Oil Spill Impacted by Govt. Shutdown

State Legal Action in Mayflower Oil Spill Impacted by Govt. Shutdown

Arkansas Attorney General appeals to Congressman Tim Griffin in getting Capitol Hill leaders to reopen the government.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - The federal government shutdown is stalling legal action the state is working on against ExxonMobil for the Mayflower oil spill.

That's according to Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel, who is appealing to Arkansas's Second District Congressman Tim Griffin for help.

Today, McDaniel sent a letter (see attached) to Griffin in Washington, urging him to "use your influence with Speaker Boehner and the leadership in Congress to reopen the government."

McDaniel cites the expense of the litigation for "state and federal sources." He says dozens of government workers in several agencies that were assisting in the case have been furloughed by the shutdown, which enters its second week today.

Early this afternoon, Griffin's office responded to McDaniel's letter.

In part, Griffin wrote (see full letter attached) "I agree with you that a government shutdown impairs our collective efforts. I have made it crystal clear that a shutdown is bad policy and a terrible idea. I oppose a shutdown, and I will continue to do everything in my power to open the federal government as quickly as possible."

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