State Police Probe of Saline Co. Sheriff's Office Formally Requested

Special Prosecutor Cody Hiland makes request via letter.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - The special prosecutor assigned to look into matters involving the Saline Co. Sheriff's Office (SCSO) is formally requesting an investigation by the Arkansas State Police (ASP).

Cody Hiland made the official request via a letter dated today to ASP Major Henry Lamar.

Hiland wrote that his role has a "two-fold purpose of determining whether the removal of Sheriff Bruce Pennington is appropriate in light of his recent criminal convictions and to conduct a criminal investiagtion of the SCSO related to possible improper expenditures, missing patrol car and alleged misconduct by employees of the office."

Hiland, a prosecutor with the 20th Judicial District, was appointed to the special post by Saline Co. Circuit Judge Robert Herzfeld.

Sheriff Pennington has stated he will step down on October 1 and a search for his successor is under way. The decision follows fallout over Pennington's arrest, then guilty plea to resisting arrest and public intoxication in a June incident at a Benton restaurant.
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