Substitute Teacher Dismissed over Alleged Comments about Gay Marriage

Woman accused of making remarks in fifth grade classroom.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - A substitute teacher has been banned from serving in the Pulaski County Special School District after allegedly making some controversial comments about gays and lesbians on Tuesday at Baker Elementary School.

Thanh Rasico's fifth grader told her the sub talked about gay and lesbian marriages, saying the sub told them two women married to one another were "of the devil."

Rasico called the principal, who interviewed the students in the class.

"She felt like it was very inappropriate," Rasico says. "A lot of the kids in the class didn't know why they were on the subject."

The district subcontracts substitute teachers through SubTeachUSA, which is based in Paragould.

The agency said they have launched their own investigation and will act appropriately.

Parents were notified of the incident by the school principal.
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