Three Conway Restaurants Fail Compliance Check for Serving Alcohol to Minors

Seven others pass the test.
CONWAY, AR - Three restaurants have failed a compliance check for serving alcohol to minors, according to police.

The checks were conducted Tuesday night, using an 18-year-old woman as a confidential informant with an unaltered identification.

Ten businesses were visited. Out of those, seven passed.

When the underage informant went into US Pizza, Mike's Place, Michelangelo's, JJ’s, La Huerta, Buffalo Wild Wings and Bears Den, the server asked for identification and did not serve. However, police say, at Old Chicago, TGIF, and American Grill servers asked for identification and served to the underage informant even though they were shown ID indicating she was underage. Officers issued those servers citations.   

Conway Police say the latest compliance check was a slight improvement from one conducted the week before when only five of the 10 passed. Officers sent in another 18-year-old woman with an unaltered identification. Servers at Ruby Tuesday, Outback, Cactus Jack's, Stromboli's, and Logan's asked for identification and did not serve the underage woman.

Police say at the five businesses that failed (El Hausteco, Gusano's, Back Achers Ranch, Patron and Brick Oven), servers did not bother to ask for identification and served to the minor. All of the servers were issued citations. 

These checks are conducted randomly and will continue in an effort to fight the problem of underage drinking, say Conway Police.
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