Three Teen Boys Struck by Lightning in West Memphis

Three Teen Boys Struck by Lightning in West Memphis

it happened Thursday afternoon on Oxford Street.
WEST MEMPHIS, AR - Three teen boys are recovering after being struck by lightning in West Memphis.

It happened Thursday afternoon as strong storms moved through the area.

Neighbors say the boys were walking down Oxford Street and were trying to get out of the rain.

After the lightning strike, neighbor Mary Nunn heard people yelling for help. When she stepped outside, two of the boys were lying on the ground by a tree. One of them was unconscious, the other said he couldn't feel his legs, and the third was limping.

The woman had her granddaughter call the police.

"We rushed outdoors to see what we could do ya know to help them and I kept talking to them to keep them responding telling them hold on hold on, we got somebody coming," Nunn says.

Another lightning strike from the storms sparked a fire at an apartment complex on West Harrison Street, displacing five families.

One man says he was watching tv when it all happened.

"Everybody got out of all the units. I then tried to clear out as much as I could of my possessions. I'm here for only a week so I didn't have that many things in the unit but I did get my computer out and everybody is safe but the units are... I think there six units, they'll be a total loss," says fire victim Ken Nadeau.
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