Update: No Fixes Needed for Pier Protectors after Little Rock Barge Accident

Monday morning inspection finds some damage but none too severe.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD) officials say no fixes are needed for pier protectors on the Arkansas River after Friday night's barge collision.

Inspectors were on the scene again this morning to examine the large cylinders in front of the supports of the bridges that protect them from impact in case of accidents like this one.

AHTD officials say two of the pier protection cells were hit, one at the Interstate 30 bridge and the other at the Clinton Library pedestrian bridge. They say while the damage was a little worse at the Clinton bridge, neither will need to be repaired or replaced.  

Meanwhile, the coast guard says the captain of the tow boat that was pushing the barge float has has until the end of the week to submit a written explanation of what happened.

He's also submitted to a drug and alcohol test.

Coast guard say investigation into what happened out there on the river could take up to six months.

A spokesman said he couldn't speculate on whether the captain could face any charges.

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