Update: Search Called Off in Izard County

Update: Search Called Off in Izard County

A report that a 3-year-old disappeared into the woods near Violet Hill led to a search by authorities, that search has now been called off and the initial witness reports are being questioned.

VIOLET HILL, AR- Authorities in Izard county have called off the search for a small child who a witness had claimed to have seen disappear into the woods.

The police had responded to a report that a 3-year-old was lost around 1:00 this afternoon.

That report lead to a six hour search two miles Northeast of a the Violet Hill Community.

The Baxter County Sheriff's Office assisted with a helicopter.

A K-9 tracking team from the Arkansas Department of Correction also took part in the search.

There were no reports of anyone missing in the area other than the initial witness.

The investigation of that report is continuing.

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