Brief essays and articles that may be of interest to greiving parents

Brief essays and articles that may be of interest to greiving parents

Links that may be of interest in a time of need.

What not to say to a grieving parent

What is the least appreciated phrase said to grievers?

If you find yourself leading a grief support group, especially for teens or adults, and you’re looking for a question to get the discussion going, a good question to consider is “What have people said to you or asked you after the death that was not helpful?” Unfortunately, it seems that most grievers have a story to tell of some comment or question, often well-intentioned, which brought hurt instead of comfort.

Helpful comments for a bereaved parent

What are appreciated comments said to grievers?

If we err in offering support to a grieving person, it is often because we said too much rather than said too little.

How to "be there" for a friend in pain

How do we be a friend to someone who is grieving?

There are at least three general ways for being a friend to someone who is grieving.

Dealing with pain

Is my pain worse than yours?

My grief is the worst. My loss is like no one else’s in the entire world. No one hurts exactly like me. My story is horrible; it devastates everyone who hears it. My child’s death has destroyed my life, my sense of well-being, and altered my future. My child was the best thing to hit this planet; he would have been a great asset to our world.

Couldn’t we all say this?

Building a three sided house

Three Sided Houses

Four sides would be much better, but there is no foundation on one side, and so three walls are all I have to work with.
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