DMac is Back

DMac is Back

Former Razorback talks All-Star Classic, his injury, and why he thinks Bobby Petrino will have the Hogs playing for National Titles
Darren McFadden is back in town helping to promote the Players All-Star Classic at War Memorial this weekend.

I caught up with him Thursday night at Bar Louie, and left with 2 impressions:

He's one of the nicest professional athletes I've ever interviewed.  And he could snap me like twig.(Dude's arms are massive) 

Fortunately he didn't do the latter.  Instead we talked about the All-Star game this weekend, how his recovery is going, and of course, the Razorbacks. 

He seemed genuinely excited about the game, and wished that he had an opportunity to play in an all-star game in his hometown growing up.

As for the healing process, I got the impression he wasn't 100%.  It sounds like he'll be healthy in time for next year and he has some high hopes for the McFadden-Bush backfield in 2012. 

The biggest smile definitely came when we talked about the Hogs.  He told me he catches games every time he gets a chance, and really likes what Bobby Petrino has done with the program.

He said he can definitely see Arkansas playing in a National Championship game in the next couple years.

You can find the complete interview here
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