Don’t sleep on Snyder and the Wildcats

Don’t sleep on Snyder and the Wildcats

What Kansas St. lacks in talent, make up for in preparation.
As a young boy growing up for a time in Big 12 country (back then the Big 8), there were few football programs as downtrodden as Kansas State. The Wildcats were long nicknamed the “Mildcats” thanks to a level of futility that saw the program rack up the most losses of any team in Division I-A history – they were college football’s purgatory.

Enter Bill Snyder. In 1989, the soft spoken, unassuming assistant from Iowa decided to try his hand at turning around a program that had been to one bowl game in it’s entire history. Since then, he’s directed KSU to six 11-win seasons, eleven bowl games while orchestrating perhaps the greatest turnaround in college football history. Barry Switzer called him not just the coach of the year or the decade, but of the century.

The method to his success is boring but highly effective. Taking two star recruits passed over by other major programs, indoctrinates them into the “Snyder Way” of overachieving, which produces players that are both mentally and physically tough.

No longer a student of the game, the 72-year old Snyder has achieved professorship status – his meticulous attention to detail is legendary which leaves his teams as prepared as any.

Luckily for Arkansas, Bobby Petrino is in much the same mold as Snyder, a guy who views sleep as a distraction to game-planning. Give each coach a month to prepare for a team as they have for the Cotton Bowl and more times than not, good things will happen. Which is why come Friday night, you may want to have your pen and notepad handy, because a hearty dose of “Football 101” is expected to be served up at Cowboys Stadium.
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