Quality Time with the Razorback Offense

Quality Time with the Razorback Offense

The Razorback offense talked to the media about team chemistry, the return of Paul, and their ability to consume large amounts of beef.
Sorry for the brief delay, it's been a busy morning in the Big D. 

We're now looking at Lawry's, the site of tonight's Beef Bowl.  

What is a "beef bowl" you ask?  Why it's an entire football team chowing down on some steaks provided by the fine folks at Lawry's.

We'll have a winner for you tonight, but all indications are pointing to offensive lineman Alvin Bailey as the favorite going into the event.

As for the media session, Arkansas's offensive players seemed incredibly relaxed.  

 - Paul Petrino had a "it seems like only yesterday" moment when reflecting on his prior stint with the Hogs when he was coaching younger versions of Joe Adams and Tyler Wilson.  As for the players, the seem to really enjoy Petrino's enthusiasm, and are happy that he's back.  Jarius Wright had the line of the day when talking about Petrino's 2-year "vacation" as the Offensive Coordinator at Illinois:

"I don't know who wants to vacation in Illinois."

Wright and Joe Adams both were in joking moods today, look for a feature on that talented receiving corp coming up later in the week.

As for now, it's back to the beef.

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